Mojodroit is site to share about art like painting, sketches, photography. Mojodroit is combine of two words ‘mojo’ and ‘droit’. Mojo means ‘magical’ and droit means ‘rights’.

Mojodroit gives ‘do other than others…’ slogan – which means you can find other ways to do things.

About logo:

                 Logo of mojodroit is designed by milind dhavale. This logo contain 3 main colors red(R), green(G) and blue(B). By using these color (RGB) any color can formed. And at the middle of logo there is symbol of MD(mojodroit).

Following are team members who contribute to  mojodroit_about | mojodroit.


milind dhavale

milind dhavale

Milind Shivaji Dhavale is founder and CEO of mojodroit. He is passionate about art like painting, film making, music. He completed his engineering in Information Technology.

Milind Dhavale also enjoys trekking, reading, swimming, travel, computer gaming, watching movies, etc. You can get in touch with him via following modes:

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